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Patrick Mahomes Throws Four Touchdowns in Second Quarter to Lead Improbable Rally

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw four touchdown passes in the second quarter of Sunday's AFC Divisional game against the Houston Texans to put together an improbable 28–24 comeback into halftime.

The Texans got out two a 24–0 lead before Mahomes connected with Damien Williams for a 17-yard touchdown and finally put them on the board. The comeback continued with a five-yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelce to make it 24–14 and then again for six-yard to make it 24–21. 

The biggest benefit the Chiefs got was a recovered fumble on a kickoff return that put them inside the 10-yard line and set them up to take the lead.  Mahomes hit Kelce a third time to go up 28–24. Kelce is the first player in NFL playoff history with three receiving touchdowns in a single quarter.

In the second half, Kelce could become the first player in history to catch four touchdowns in a single playoff game.

The winner of Sunday's game will head to the AFC Championship and host the Tennessee Titans.