Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

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Brett Favre said he doesn't think Aaron Rodgers will finish his career with the Green Bay Packers.

Favre has some experience being a legendary Packers QB and then leaving after the team drafted his eventual replacement, of course. And he believes Rodgers has "every right to be disappointed" about Green Bay's decision to select quarterback Jordan Love in the NFL draft.

But who is actually the greater all-time Packers signal caller: Favre or Rodgers? Well, there's a clear case for each.

Aaron Rodgers: Before Patrick Mahomes, Rodgers was the Family Feud answer for most talented QB. His ability to throw from different arm angles and on the move is special. And it's not like he hasn't gotten results, winning a Super Bowl and a couple MVPs. Rodgers also protects the ball far better than his predecessor, with an interception rate less than half of the one posted by the ol' gunslinger. So when it comes to escapability, accuracy, safety and Hail Mary throws, it's Aaron.

Brett Favre: Favre took a lot of risks, many unnecessary, he is the all-time leader in interceptions after all (by a good margin). But he also saw plenty of rewards. Like Rodgers, he has a Super Bowl and bests him by one Most Valuable Player trophy taking, three consecutively. He never gave up on a play and had the arm strength and ingenuity to make something out of nothing. Then there's durability. Favre played all 16 games in 17 straight seasons.

There was a time because of how he was fawned over and lauded that I thought Brett Favre was overrated. But now I think it may have gone a bit in the other direction. And if you look at overall accomplishments, whether it be yards, touchdowns or just having fun out there ... Aaron Rodgers may still have some work to do to catch him. Whether that be in Green Bay or elsewhere.