Patrick Mahomes' Madden Rating of 99 Is Too Low: Unchecked


The latest Madden ratings are out and as always where quarterbacks rank has generated plenty of conversation. With questions like whether Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz should be the same at 84? Or if Tom Brady is still a top-five QB like his 90 rating indicates?

But the biggest qualm I have is with Patrick Mahomes’ rating.

Mahomes was robbed only getting a 99! If the Kansas City Chiefs QB isn’t a 100, why does the scale go that high? I understand the 99 club puts him in a prestigious company, but if there was ever going to be a 100 overall, it would be Mahomes right now. 

I just spent all last week hearing everyone say there is no amount of money the Chiefs could have given Mahomes that wouldn’t have been a good deal for them.

This is correct because Patrick Mahomes is the best player I’ve ever seen. Accuracy, awareness, arm strength, mobility—he checks every box you’d want in a QB. 

And he’s already an MVP, a Super Bowl champ and the youngest ever Super Bowl MVP, and that was probably one of his worst games! All those accolades after just his third year and second season as a starter in the league.

The guy has never lost a game by more than seven points! And turned a 24-0 deficit into a 51-31 win in the playoffs last year! 

He’s just different. Special. So in summation, a 99 rating is too low for Patrick Mahomes, and that’s keeping it 100.

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