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Kansas City Chiefs Fans Make NFL Opener About Everything But Football: Unchecked

Congratulations Kansas City Chiefs fans, now no one is talking about Patrick Mahomes.

I’m sure the NFL would want the focus today to be on the Super Bowl champs and their star QB but instead, after some in attendance seemingly booed a showing of unity, the talk is about everything but football. 

One would think linking arms was the safest possible message the teams could put out but sadly, even that has led to controversy, which will have many pointing out that no matter what, players asking to be heard will be rebuffed by a portion of the audience. 

We’re now working on four years running where what happens before the game is a story, and the NFL still doesn’t seem to know how to handle it. The league's response of adding gesture after gesture is just kind of awkward. Which is why the Miami Dolphins made a video announcing that they, like the Houston Texans did last night, would be staying in the locker room while the national anthem is played. 

Personally, I don’t think there is anything else to be accomplished debating what people do or don’t do during that time. Many have suggested simply not playing the anthem at all, and that's one solution that makes a lot of sense to me.

However, either way, if sports are a microcosm of society then we’ve got some work to do if unity can be booed, even if just by a select few.

It may be cliche, but these are events that are supposed to bring people together. You know, unify us. So let me do the opposite of boo and put some positive vibes in the air. We sure need them.