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NFL Informs Teams it Will Not Require Local Postseason Bubbles

The NFL reportedly informed clubs on Tuesday night that they will not require local bubbles during the postseason, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero

The NFL, NFLPA and their medical experts have been open about not supporting a playoff bubble, and now based on recent COVID-19 testing data, they feel okay with not requiring local bubbles.

Clubs are allowed to provide hotel rooms for players who want one, but players and staff will be required to stay in a hotel the night before a game. 

"This decision is based upon an analysis of the frequency of positive cases in the league," they stated in a memo, "compared to the risk of significant spread among players and staff gathered for an extensive period of time at one hotel."

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The most recent week of COVID-19 testing shows a .09% positivity rate among players and a .11% rate among personnel.

In addition to the housing announcement, the memo also outlined updates in testing protocol related to return to play. 

"Based on NFL testing data from the last five months, our experts have recommended that we no longer permit an asymptomatic individual who tests positive for COVID-19 to return following two (2) consecutive negative PCR tests."