Tom Brady and Drew Brees Share Moment on Field After Bucs Knock Saints Out of the Playoffs

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After the Buccaneers defeated the Saints 30-20 in the divisional round, veteran quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Brees returned to the field and spent a significant amount of time talking after what could be their final matchup against each other.

Prior to the game, NFL insider Jay Glazer said on FOX Sports' pregame show that Brees will retire at the end of the Saints' playoff run. With the Saints' lackluster performance Sunday, it seems Father Time has come for Brees.

In the video, Brady and Brees share a hug while Brees's kids play in the background. Before walking away, Brady threw a pass to one of Brees's sons in the end zone and said "we could have used you tonight." 

Brady also told the roughhousing Brees boys to "be nice to your sister," who proceeded to play with their father as Brady left the field. 

Brady and Brees, 43 and 42, respectively, lead all other quarterbacks in NFL history in touchdowns, passing yards and pass completions. In Sunday's playoff matchup, Brees threw for 134 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions while Brady threw for 199 yards and two scores. 

Brees told reporters after the game he has yet to make a decision on his future in the NFL but iterated that he will take his time mulling it over.