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Jon Gruden Faces Consequences, Not Cancel Culture: Unchecked

Jon Gruden is not a victim of cancel culture. Let’s get that out of the way. He resigned as Raiders coach within hours of the leaking of more of his emails because even he knew there was no way he could stay.

This man ran the gamut of offending. The words he wrote speak for themselves and there is simply no way any self respecting organization could keep him employed, particularly in a leadership position, with his insulting comments now public. A sentiment I am sure the league itself shared. He did personally attack the commissioner after all.

I am not a fan of the practice of digging up people’s pasts to find something to bring them down, or the idea that a previous mistake should define someone or cost them their career. But that isn’t what happened here.

Of course Gruden intended for this communication to be private, but the fact that he put that all in writing and sent it to a then team official is staggering. To be honest, I was surprised the initial leak containing what he said about DeMaurice Smith wasn’t a bigger deal. Perhaps some bought his explanation, chalked it up as an isolated incident or just didn’t care enough.

However, the follow-up release showed this was a pattern and Gruden said these sorts of things easily and frequently over a period of years.

And after the investigation into the workplace of the Washington Football Team (one I’m sure many people will now be asking more about) brought Gruden’s conduct to light, the ending was inevitable.

Because if any one of us did the same we’d rightfully be canned, not canceled.