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What Aaron Rodgers did was lame. But come on, we can't pretend his situation and Antonio Brown's are the same

If people are going to ask others to be smart and responsible about the current circumstances we are all dealing with, then facts and context do matter. Rodgers coyly misled the public and media...he lied...but what Brown did might be a crime. Also, the status of Rodgers was reportedly known by his team and the league. 

And for the most part, he apparently followed protocols according to the league's investigation. Even if there were certain situations where his face, not to mention his feet, should have been covered. AB presented a fake vaccine card in an attempt to fool everybody and not abide by the rules at all. His deception went beyond a reporter’s question. 

Of course, that doesn’t even take into account Brown’s history. He’s probably lucky the NFL didn’t suspend him longer and I’d be surprised if the Bucs don’t wind up cutting him despite his unmistakable ability when out on the field. I suppose one can argue Rodgers got off light, though being put on blast in the public can’t exactly be pleasant. 

I’m not saying all this from a position of being angry at either, and I personally no longer want to argue about vaccines. I just reject the Brown and Rodgers comparison on the basis of it being dumb.

And I came to that conclusion all by myself. I didn’t even have to consult Joe Rogan.