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Joe Burrow Shares Evan McPherson's Instantly Iconic Quote Before Kicking Walk-Off Field Goal

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has appropriately been nicknamed ‘Joe Cool’ ever since his national-championship winning days at LSU. But on Saturday, even Burrow was in awe of an ice-cold Evan McPherson when he took the field. 

Before the rookie kicker nailed the 52-yarder to give his team the upset win over the top-seeded Titans, he didn't seem to have any jitters. After the win, Burrow told reporters what he overheard McPherson say to backup quarterback Brandon Allen as he was warming up for the biggest kick of his life. 

“That guy is unbelievable,” Burrow said. “He was talking to Brandon as he was going out to kick, give[s] a little warm-up swing, and he said, ‘Looks like we're going to the AFC championship.’”

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Sure enough, the former Florida Gator is sending Burrow and the Bengals to the AFC championship via his right foot and a whole lot of confidence. McPherson ended the game with a perfect stat line. He was 4-for-4 on field goal tries and nailed the extra point after his team's sole touchdown of the day. 

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