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Julian Edelman is a three-time Super Bowl champion and even has a Super Bowl MVP under his belt. Not many wideouts in the history of the NFL stepped up as many times as he did on the biggest stage in all of football and he decided to name some guys who are on that level.

The former Patriots weapon appeared on the I AM ATHLETE podcast and was asked who he thinks are the top three wide receivers in the NFL. He named Davante Adams, Keenan Allen and Cooper Kupp. For good measure, he also named Tyreek Hill. 

Edelman acknowledged that Adams isn’t the fastest wideout in the NFL, but he may be just the most versatile and he’s “never not open.” He added that Allen’s release is his favorite attribute for the 30-year-old and compared it to a crossover in basketball.

He said he’s a fan of Kupp because of how the Rams put him anywhere on the field. Edelman said he’s biased because he says that’s how he played.

“[Kupp] does a lot of everything,” Edelman said. “He’s not gonna go up and Moss a dude but he’s gonna run comebacks, he’s gonna run gos and get the back shoulder fade like he did in the Super Bowl for the win.” 

And Edelman’s reason for adding Hill is a no-brainer: His speed. All four receivers are stars in the NFL, and not many fans can disagree with this list. 

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