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Bengals’ Trayveon Williams to Co-Teach NIL Course at Texas A&M School of Law

Bengals running back Trayveon Williams will begin an offseason job in spring 2023 as an adjunct professor at Texas A&M’s School of Law.

He will be co-teaching an NIL focused class with current professor Alex Sinatra, who is a sports attorney and sports business consultant.

Williams didn’t explain what brought this partnership about, but he did tweet about the announcement expressing his excitement for the new opportunity at his alma mater.

“More Than An Athlete !” Williams wrote. “@YourPotential4 @TAMULawSchool & I are cooking up something that can Revolutionize the NIL world.”

Previously, Sinatra and Williams shared what the course will entail in regards to Name, Image and Likeness rules. 

The running back was drafted in 2019 after playing at Texas A&M, meaning NIL was established after Williams’s college career. NIL was first established in Sept. 2019 in California before the whole country established the rules on July 1, 2021.

Even if Williams doesn’t have direct experience with NIL in his own career, he was once a collegiate athlete and can give that perspective. He will begin co-teaching once the Bengals’ 2022 season ends.

Williams finished the 2021 season with five game appearances, completing 51 total yards on 15 attempts.

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