By Bryan Rose
April 11, 2014

Cleveland Browns haven't made decision on Alex Mack offer from Jacksonville JaguarsAlex Mack is a two-time Pro Bowler at center. (David Richard/AP)

The Jacksonville Jaguars knew that when they signed Alex Mack to an offer sheet, they faced the risk of the Cleveland Browns matching said offer. And the Browns did just that Friday.

The Browns announced that they will match the Jaguars' five-year, $42 million offer to Mack, bringing the two-time Pro Bowl center back to Cleveland. ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported the news.

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Earlier in the week, the Browns suggested they would match any offer Mack received in free agency, but the Jaguars complicated that decision by adding wrinkles to Mack's offer, including a guaranteed $19 million in the first two seasons, the ability for Mack opt out after the second season and the inability to place the franchise tag on him moving forward.

Had the Browns not matched, they would have lost Mack for nothing (the transitional tag they applied to Mack gives them the ability to match any offer, but provides no compensation).

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