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Trai Turner


The 20 Biggest Dead Money Contracts Currently on NFL Payrolls

The drag of dead money on a team’s salary cap may never be heavier than it will be next year, when the salary cap is expected to drop for the first time since 2011.


Offseason of Tom: Where Brady Lands Will Have a Domino Effect

The combine is over and the new League Year is still a week away, but these are the hardly the doldrums. There’s plenty happening, from Tom Brady’s situation—and its trickle-down effect—to the Titans’ decision on Ryan Tannehill to the CBA vote.

Trai Turner Russell Okung

Panthers and Chargers Swap Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman

The Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers are swapping Pro Bowl offensive linemen.

Trai Turner Russell Okung

Report: Panthers, Chargers Swap Pro Bowl Linemen

The Panthers and Chargers are reportedly swapping Pro Bowl offensive linemen.