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Saints Schedule Thoughts and Takeaways

Looking closer at the Saints schedule and what it has in store for New Orleans in 2022.

The Saints schedule won't be officially out until later this evening, but we've already got our hands on it and have put it out there. Here's a few thoughts and takeaways on what New Orleans has to go through in 2022.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Two players could be facing league discipline that we know about, which is Alvin Kamara and Marcus Maye. Maye's next court hearing date is June 1, and that DUI from February 2021 would land him a three-game suspension under the new CBA if it doesn't go his way. As for Kamara, his next hearing is Aug. 1, and we'll know more there after it's been pushed back twice now.

NFC SOUTH STRETCH EARLY: New Orleans will be battle-tested out of the gate with three straight NFC South games. Two of them will be on the road, with the Buccaneers game being the lone home stand in the middle. 

LONDON REPEAT: The last time the Saints traveled to London in 2017, they played the Panthers in Week 3 as well. So, this feels like deja vu with them potentially leaving Charlotte again to head across the pond.

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NOON KICKS GALORE: The NFL can start flexing games as soon as Week 5, but for now, the Saints have 10 games that are early kickoffs. There's two games later in the season that involve the Falcons and Panthers at home with times to be decided (TBD). 

LACK OF PRIMETIME LOVE: It's hard to remember the last time the Saints weren't featured on Sunday Night Football, but here we are. The team has three primetime contests, with two coming on Monday Night Football against the Ravens and Buccaneers. The other is on Thursday Night Football against the Cardinals in Week 7. The Saints will be coming off a Bengals game in Week 6 that could get flexed, so that's something to keep an eye on as they get there.

EXTREMELY LATE BYE: It's definitely not something we're used to, but the Saints won't have their bye week until Week 14. For now, they'll have some extra rest days when they have Monday Night Football in Week 9 and 13, with a mini bye going into Week 8's home matchup with the Raiders. 

The team gets to announce their home game at 6 p.m. CT, while the full schedule drops at 7 p.m.

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