Sean McVay Really Hates His Office at the Rams' Facility

McVay's office looks like a cave.
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The Los Angeles Rams really need to get Sean McVay a new office.

Just ask him.

On Wednesday, McVay joined ESPN's special NFL schedule release show and very quickly began complaining about his office. He has a point, it looked like he was stuck in a cave.

As McVay popped up on camera, panelist Dan Orlovsky asked the 38-year-old head coach where he was. McVay responded that he was "in the same temporary office that I've been for eight years here." He then claimed when he was hired in 2017 the Rams told him the current offices would be a temporary facility. Not so much.

Clips from the segment are below and McVay's distaste for his office gets really funny.

"I'm trapped like a prisoner in this thing" was where everyone lost it. That office makes this look like a hostage video. Either that, or like the Rams stuck their head coach in a closet under the stairs, Harry Potter-style.

McVay is entering his eighth season as the Rams' head coach and he's been wildly successful. McVay boasts a record of 70-45, has led the franchise to the postseason five times and has won three NFC West titles. Oh, and the Rams won Super Bowl LVI on his watch. Get the man a window already.

The Rams will open the season on the road against the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football. It will be a rematch of their battle in the wild card round from last season. Maybe the Rams will let McVay out of the basement before then.

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