Titans Announce Rookie Jersey Numbers

The newest members of the Tennessee Titans have their numbers.
Apr 25, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman JC Latham poses after being
Apr 25, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman JC Latham poses after being / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans' 2024 Draft Class is almost ready for rookie minicamp, and now we know their jersey numbers. 

JC Latham, T'Vondre Sweat, Cedric Gray, and the rest of the crew will report to the Titan's practice facility this weekend for their initiation to life in the National Football League. 

  • LT JC Latham - No. 55
  • DL T'Vondre Sweat - No. 93
  • LB Cedric Gray - No. 51
  • CB Jarvis Brownlee - No. 29
  • WR Jha'Quan Jackson - No. 19
  • LB James Williams - No. 52
  • Edge Jaylen Harrell - No. 92

Titans general manager Ran Carthon expressed excitement about getting the new players ready for participation in minicamp.

 "I'm just most excited about this coaching staff and the way they've come in and kind of transformed the energy of the place and how the guys have taken to them," Carthon told reporters after the draft. "I'm just ready to get these guys out on the grass. I was joking with Cally (Brian Callahan) earlier, I was like, 'Once we get past this last pick, homie, it's all yours. It's time for the ball to take place.' We're really excited about that part, ready to get these rookies in here in a little while, get them acclimated with the vets. Like I had mentioned earlier, I thought the vet minicamp went really well.

"Participation this whole off-season has been great, and now we've got several rookies that are chomping at the bit to be here. So now they get to have their minicamp and then roll right in with the vets. So it'll be good to get everybody here."

Here's a look at each player drafted.

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