Veteran Free Agent LeSean McCoy Looks to Play Two More Years in the NFL

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It’s been 11 years, but for six-time Pro Bowl RB LeSean McCoy, there’s still enough juice in the tank for “at least two more seasons.”

Despite the changes to the regular offseason draft schedule, the veteran free agent hopes to call a new franchise home before the 2020 season kicks off.

“I have a couple teams that I’m looking at,” he said in an interview on Friday with SiriusXM NFL Radio. “There’s no real activities with the teams as much as it used to be. The thing I can control is just making the right choice, going to an offense that fits.”

He talked about the advice he got from Frank Gore to listen to himself when it came to deciding when to retire. “He always tells me, ‘Never put a ceiling on your career,’” he said. “‘If you feel good and you do well, do another one year and vice versa. If it doesn’t go well, just let your body talk to you.’”

McCoy added a definitive, “My body feels fine.”

Shady has played with the Bills, Eagles and most recently, the Chiefs where he had his least productive year as a professional, playing just 13 games and accumulating only 129 touches for 646 scrimmage yards. He made five Pro Bowls straight from 2013–2017 and has a career high 11,000 rushing yards.