The Point After: As Long As Bill Belichick Is Coaching Do Not Count Out the Patriots

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After losing Tom Brady this offseason and with Jarrett Stidham, a somewhat untested NFL quarterback, coming into to helm the Pats offense - some people are quick to dismiss the Patriots this season. But SI senior writer Michael Rosenberg has one major reason as to why you should never discount the Pats' chances at a winning season.


 The one constant in Bill Belichick's Patriots run, besides all that winning, of course, is that the Patriots do a great job of blocking out what coaches call "The Noise," who they should take, who they should start, who they should re-sign, who they shouldn't bench for the Super Bowl, who they shouldn't trade. 

Bill Belichick does what he thinks is best for the organization, and that's it. Nothing else really matters. Well, the noise now is about how bad the Patriots might be. Could they miss the playoffs and have a losing season? Some of the noise goes even further. Well, they set themselves up to draft a quarterback near the top of next year's draft, assuming, of course, that there is a 2020 season. 

I don't think most people are thinking that way, but these days, the most extreme voices are the ones that get heard. So at the risk of punching a straw man, let's be clear about one thing. It is inconceivable that any Bill Belichick team would be that bad. For the Patriots to be at 2-14 or 3-13 team Belichick would have to do one of two things: one, assemble a team so bad and coaches so poorly that nearly everybody else in the NFL does it better. That is not going to happen. Or two: try to lose. Tank. This would mean that Belichick stops trying to find players, stops watching video to get a little bit of an edge for the next game, stops developing players better than anybody in the league, which is the most underrated part of this Patriots dynasty. 

You're more likely to see him in a green and white hoodie in MetLife Stadium cheering for the Jets than you are to see Bill Belichick stop trying. We don't know how good Jarrett Stidham will be at quarterback. We don't know how good the Patriots will be. But we do know Bill Belichick and we do know the Patriots. 

Yes, Tom Brady is gone. Don't count this organization out and never count this coach out. The last over-under, I saw for Patriots wins this season. If there is a full season, is 9. Bet the under at your own risk.