Video: How to beat Tecmo Bowl During Quarantine

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Before, Madden Tecmo Bowl stood atop the list of the top football game available. SI writer Connor Orr recaps playing Tecmo Bowl and how he beat the legendary game using the Raiders and Bo Jackson.

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Robin Lundberg:  Before Madden, there was Tecmo Bowl and our counter or of the MMD QB got a chance to catch up with the old game during the quarantine. Connor, I know you talked to an expert and you've given your controller a workout. What are the returns? 

Connor Orr:  So we ended up winning a Super Bowl championship or a world championship, as they call it, in Tecmo Bowl Yeah, this was a bucket list item for me. Ever since I first started playing the game in the early 1990s, I never actually got to the end of the season. And so in the COVID-19 pandemic came around, I said, well, I know what I'm doing with all my free time now. 


Robin Lundberg: Yeah, you know, it's funny. Sometimes there's something nostalgic about it. And then the simplistic controls, right, that you yearn for where you pick just between a couple of plays.

Robin Lundberg: Oh, yeah. I mean back in the day we came up during the age of the Madden where it was there was the passing vision that you had to control. It's way too complicated. Technobabble. You have four plays. The defense guesses which one of the four plays you run and you go from there. I think that's a return to a much simpler end and better time right there.

Robin Lundberg: And if I guess your play, you're in trouble unless you have Bo Jackson, right?

Connor Orr: That's right. Yeah. And luckily, we did a random drawing and I did get the Raiders. So I do think that helped. It was very hard to tackle by offense out a lot.

Robin Lundberg: Well I'm giving your world championship an asterisk then. Connor I appreciate your time as always.