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NFL Distributed New COVID-19 Protocols to Teams

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The NFL sent out a memo On Monday updating the NFL and NFLPA COVID-19 safety protocols for teams to follow. Noted in the memo was that Teams must keep all surveillance videos for 30 days. NFL Security will coordinate regular view with the footage to ensure compliance.

Also, Players must be 10 feet apart to eat in the cafeteria and limit the time they are spending in there. They also noted to limit the time spent in the locker room. Additionally, the memo included that teams must have a minimum of 5 buses for travel with each bus being at no more than 50% capacity. This number is up from the previous requirement of 2 busses. Seats will also be assigned for players and staff

Mask regulation has been strengthened, and all players and staff must wear a mask at ALL times while in the club facility and on the practice field unless a mask cannot be worn by players due to interference with athletic activity. These new protocols are an attempt for the NFL and the union to ensure that football can be played safely for the entire season. 

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