Move of the Night: Claude Giroux or Pavel Datsyuk?

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Pavel Datsyuk has been known to pull off a dangle or two in his time, and tonight's move only adds to the Wings' star's repetoire. (Matt Kartozian/US Presswire)


By Allan Muir

Here are a couple of knee-buckling displays of skill from Thursday night's action that you cannot afford to miss.

First up, Philly's Claude Giroux channels Pavel Datsyuk in the shootout. A point earned in the extra-time loss to the Islanders tonight won't do the struggling Flyers much good, so Giroux probably won't give this absolutely sick deke a second thought. But geez, you have to feel for Evgeni Nabokov, who bit so hard on that move he'd probably still be sliding left if he hadn't run into the post.!

And then there's this gem from the master himself.

Datsyuk goes Globetrotter on San Jose's Logan Couture, whose legs have the good sense to give up long before his brain figures out how badly he's being toyed with.