By Adrian Dater
April 02, 2013
Jarome Iginla's value to the Penguins will increase in the wake of Sidney Crosby's injury.
Gene J. Puskar/AP

This was the week where some teams finally gave in and yelled, "Sell!" The lockout-shortened campaign had something to do with that process being delayed, but no more can clubs like the Calgary Flames or Buffalo Sabres kid themselves. They're not going to the playoffs, and it's time to get what they can in a sell-off and build for next year and beyond.

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The trade of Jarome Iginla, of course, was the league's biggest story of the week. Poor Jarome -- he chooses Pittsburgh (and snubs Boston in the process) partially because of the chance to play with Sidney Crosby. Then Sid suffers a broken jaw in the opening period of their first game together.

Let's hope Crosby isn't out too long. The game is so much poorer without him.

On to this week's countdown...

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