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Must see video: Little girl loses it when Winnipeg's Ondrej Pavelec doesn't play

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By Allan Muir

You know how three-year-olds are. Take away their favorite blankie or stuffed animal or NHL goaltender and they completely go to pieces.

That's what happened when Winnipeg Jets fan Bianca Simon found out that backup Al Montoya was playing against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday night instead of her hero, Ondrej Pavelec. And the rest is soon-to-be viral video history.

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“She just lost it like you wouldn’t believe,” her mother, Marilyn, told Global TV.

“I want Pav to be in there,” Bianca cried.

“Montoya is a good Jet too,” her old sister tells her, but Bianca wasn't buying the lies. Smart kid. Montoya got lit up in a 4-1 loss to the Wild.

Bianca eventually calms down and asks if they can go to the game and get a hot dog. After this video gets around, it's a good bet that someone in the Winnipeg organization will see to it that they do.