GIF: Oilers fan throws jersey on the ice during blowout, Scrivens throws it back

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By Mike McMahon

It's tough to be an Oilers fan, and Saturday's game did nothing to brighten the mood.

In the midst of an 8-1 shellacking by the Calgary Flames on home ice, one fan had enough and decided to no longer been seen in an Edmonton sweater, throwing it onto the ice. Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens, who had come on in relief of Viktor Fasth, tossed it back into the stands and later told Sportsnet, “You’re a fan, you get to say and do whatever you want. Call me whatever name you want. But when it comes to that logo, that’s a sacred thing for us and it’s disheartening for me to see our fans treat it that way.”

This is the second time this season that an Oilers fan has jettisoned a sweater in protest, and it may not be the last as the team still has 10 games left to play with seven of them at home.