Watch a vintage clip of Jean Béliveau on the classic TV show To Tell The Truth, circa 1957.

By Allan Muir
December 03, 2014

Apparently Gordie Howe wasn't the only hockey legend to make an appearance on a game show back in the day. Check out this vintage clip of Jean Béliveau on the classic To Tell The Truth, circa 1957.

Jean Béliveau, the ultimate Canadien and Canadian

A four-person panel, including game-show staple Kitty Carlisle and Ralph Bellamy, was tasked with determining which of the three men dressed in full Montreal gear was the real Béliveau. The panel asked some pretty hardcore questions ("Where is McGill University located in relation to the Mount Royal Hotel?") and a couple that were cringe-worthy ("Is this the costume you wear when you perform?") but Bellamy failed to pose the one query everyone wanted to hear: "Why do you think the price of pork bellies is going to keep going down, William?" 

Oddly, Béliveau wore Donnie Marshall's No. 22 jersey for the show instead of his famous No. 4.

That sweater was worn by contestant No. 3, who turned out to be Jean-Guy Gignac, a former teammate of Béliveau with the Quebec Citadelles. He was property of the Rangers, but never advanced beyond the junior ranks.

(s/t to Vassilios Bantourakis for the tip via Twitter)

GALLERY: Classic photos of Jean Béliveau

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