NHL releases its 2015 All-Star Game jerseys and they're ... neon?

The NHL released its jerseys for the 2015 All-Star Game in Columbus, and the neon sweaters were met mostly with derision by fans and pundits alike.
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The NHL revealed the jerseys for the 2015 Honda NHL All-Star Game Friday evening and, on first glance, it appears NHL executives left the task of designing the sweaters to XBOX engineers.

The neon green featured on both the home and away uniforms suggests the game could be played under a black light. The NHL logo that appears in chrome resembles the one that debuted during last year’s Stadium Series games. Regardless, the choice of style is questionable.

In the past the All-Star Game has been a testing ground for proposed jersey styles and it appears they went all out for this year’s showdown.

Reebok stands by the creation stating it designed the jerseys with a fresh idea in mind.

"This was a fresher spin and a color that is unique," lead NHL Reebok designer Dominic Fillion said during the unveiling. "No other team owns this color so that was unique and it complemented very well the black and white while bringing a great accent with high visibility. We wanted something energetic and bright enough that it would stand out and grab your attention.

"We wanted something that fans hadn't seen on an NHL uniform before."

Yeah. There is a reason for that. It’s hard to imagine what they will look like when combined with pants and socks. One question remains: Considering the Columbus Blue Jackets are hosting the game, why didn't the league go with a classic red, white and blue jersey? 

Fans and pundits alike met the jerseys with, well, skepticism if we're being nice:

-- Whitneigh Kinne