USA U-18 team celebrates Star Wars night with Han Solo jerseys

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In honor of Star Wars Night in Ann Arbor, MI, USA Hockey's U-18 Development Team donned sweaters with Harrison Ford’s legendary character Han Solo on the front.

Han Solo isn’t wielding a lightsaber (because he isn’t a Jedi, duh), but he is waving his gun around rather fiercely.

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There’s even a Millennium Falcon silhouette and an Alliance logo on the back of what might be one of the most clever jerseys of all time. While the omission of Chewbacca is most egregious, it's far from the first time everyone's favorite Wookie has been snubbed

The force was definitely with the U-18 team, as it defeated the Dubuque Fighting Vaiders... er, Saints of the USHL 7-1.

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​-- Katie Brown