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Cast for upcoming Hockey Wives reality series revealed

Hockey Wives, an eight-part docu-series chronicling the lives of 10 women married to NHL players past and present, debuts on Mar. 18 on Canada’s W Network.

The hockey world is about to get a dose of reality.

Hockey Wives, an eight-episode reality series that documents the lives of 10 women married to current and former NHL players, debuts on Mar. 18 on Canada’s W Network. As of now, there’s no U.S. home for the series.

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Hockey Wives will provide our audience with an insider’s look at how exciting and glamorous the lives of these 10 independent women can be,” said John MacDonald, vice president of Corus Entertainment. “It will also show how the many challenges and crises all relationships face are amplified when lives are lived on the front page of the sports section. Through this series, W viewers and hockey fans will have an inside look at how these unique women embrace the game and navigate their relationships, careers and everyday lives.”

Nicole Brown (right, in the photo above), the wife of Kings captain Dustin Brown, and Noureen DeWulf, wife of Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller, are the two most prominent members of the cast. Brown was featured prominently in NHL Revealed, a documentary series that led up to the Sochi Olympics. DeWulf stars opposite Charlie Sheen on the sitcom, Anger Management.

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The rest of the cast, which was revealed on Monday, includes:

  • Revlon cover girl and Quebecois TV star Maripier Morin, the girlfriend of Canadiens winger Brandon Prust.

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  • Fashion designer Tiffany Parros, who is married to recently retired enforcer George Parros.
  • Choreographer Brijet Whitney, the wife of recently retired forward Ray Whitney.
  • Social activist Kodette LaBarbera, the wife of Ducks goalie Jason LaBarbera.
  • Former U.S. Military Intelligence specialist Emilie Blum, who is married to Wild defenseman Jonathon Blum.
  • Athlete and communications expert Jenny Scrivens, the wife of Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens.​
  • Arizona real estate maven Wendy Tippett, the wife of Coyotes coach Dave Tippett.

Early word on the series suggests that Hockey Wives will veer from the histrionics of similarly-themed series like Basketball Wives and focus more on the friendships, accomplishments and challenges faced by the women in the cast.

What do you think? Is hockey ready for a “wives” series of its own?

  • Montreal “it girl” Maripier Morin, girlfriend of Montreal Canadiens winger Brandon Prust
  • Fashion designer Tiffany Parros, married to recently retired George Parros
  • Model and new mom Martine Forget, engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier
  • Hockey wives’ connector Brijet Whitney, married to recently retired Ray Whitney
  • Social activist Kodette LaBarbera, wife of Anaheim Ducks goalie Jason LaBarbera
  • Former Intelligence Specialist for the U.S. Military Emilie Blum, wife of Minnesota/Iowa Wild defenseman Jonathon Blum
  • Athlete and Communications expert Jenny Scrivens, wife of Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens
  • Arizona real estate maven Wendy Tippett, wife of Arizona Coyotes Head Coach Dave Tippett
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