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Henrik Lundqvist made news when he headed a pass to a Rangers teammate, but Blue Jackets forward Scott Hartnell one-upped him on Friday.

By Michael Blinn
February 07, 2015

Earlier this week, Henrik Lundqvist made some news by heading the puck to a teammate. Blue Jackets forward Scott Hartnell completely one-upped him on Friday night. 

Ryan Johansen's pass from the corner popped up in front of the net and Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo tried to knock it out of harm's way. Instead, the puck bounced off Hartnell's head to the top of the net, allowing Cam Atkinson a chance to whack it out of the air and behind goalie Brian Elliott.

Handling of Lundqvist's injury a concern for Rangers' staff

It's exactly the type of play you expect from a guy like Hartnell, who once inspired a hashtag due to his inability to not fall over.

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