Are new NHL uniforms on the way for 2015-16?

Several NHL teams are ready to introduce new uniforms for 2015-16
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Off The Draw

Remember that $300 jersey you bought earlier this season? It might be going out of style.

After hitting up their sporting goods industry sources, the gang over at Icethetics say several teams are ready to make signficant wardrobe changes next season.

Here’s our take on some of the highlights:

Capitals: new alternate

Icethetics speculates that the team will revive the red version of its original Stars and Stripes design (photo, above) as a third jersey that can be worn at home (as opposed to the current white version, which, while more striking, is utilized mostly on the road). That’s not a bad call, although this year’s Winter Classic jersey would look awfully good in regular rotation, too.

Avalanche: discontinuing current alternate

Reebok says that the current word-mark third jersey will be discontinued, which suggests a new third could be on the way. Or, as Icethetics notes, Colorado may just be clearing a path so that the team can use its upcoming Stadium Series jersey as a de facto third after it makes its outdoor debut early in 2016. So, what’ll it be? Stadium Series duds tend to be more futuristic, as opposed to the retro-themed Winter Classic looks. We’re expecting something heavy on chrome and bright colors. Tacky. Look, we know there are rights issues in play here, but wouldn’t it be cool if the Avs paid tribute to the area’s history by working with the old Colorado Rockies design? Or maybe the Denver Mavericks?

Ducks: new alternate

It sounds like Anaheim could be going with a predominantly orange third sweater. That’d be unique—hey, anything but black, Amirite?—but come on. Orange is the new mustard. It’s an emasculating look. Just check out the orange-heavy design that the Ducks wore for their 2014 Stadium Series game. Those things made Ryan Getzlaf look about as intimidating as Ryan Seacrest. Sadly, we might see something similar ... or, if we're lucky, maybe something more like this concept art.  It’s still orange, but the vintage logo makes it a little more palatable.

Coyotes: new home and road

The franchise’s look has been in need of an update for a few years, but it’s all the more imperative now that Arizona has rebranded. Nothing wrong with the red brick—it’s one of the more striking colors on the league’s palate—but the absence of waist stripes gives the Coyotes’ jersey a pajama-top feel. Icethetics suggests that there might be some sort of hybrid in the offing that utilizes elements of both the current look and the classic design, and that was brought back for a game last week. No telling at this point if that’s where this is headed, but a hybrid offers some interesting possibilities. One thing this franchise has going for it is a clearly defined sense of place. Any new design should fully embrace that idea.


Islanders: new alternate

It’s long been known that there would be a new third jersey making its debut when the team moved to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, and that the design would be black and white—similar to the togs worn by the building’s other tenants, the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. We also know that trademark applications have been filed for this logo, which could be used as a main logo, as a shoulder patch or as something to make cocktail napkins in the luxury boxes look distinctive. No telling at this point, but we bet that New York will want something bold and retro, and that will really pop against a very bland jersey design.

Sabres: no alternates

After two seasons of shame, Buffalo is retiring the third jersey that was delightfully labeled “a turd burger” by team president Ted Black. A replacement will be put off until at least 2016–17. Here’s hoping that Mr. Black is kept far away from that project.

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