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Johnny Boychuk's heavy slap shot from the point stunned Senators goalie Andrew Hammond and broke his mask.

By Staff
March 13, 2015

Johnny Boychuk nearly decapitated the Hamburglar. 

Ottawa Senators goalie Andrew Hammond took a slap shot to the face courtesy of the New York Islanders defenseman. Hammond’s forehead made the save at 9:05 in the second period but not without a major dose of pain. 

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It appeared Hammond was trying to glove the shot, but wasn't able to catch up to it in time. Thankfully, his mask took the brunt of the impact and saved him from a potentially scary situation.

The game was delayed for a few minutes while trainers fixed Hammond's bucket, allowing him to regain his composure--and it helped as he stopped 34 shots in a 2-1 win over the Islanders

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While Hammond's mask stood up to the rocket of a shot, the puck wasn't as lucky.

--Anna Gallegos

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