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The Colorado Avalanche’s 2016 Stadium Series jersey, a Rockies throwback, is rumored to have been leaked to the Icethetics website

By Allan Muir
July 28, 2015

The Avalanche are due to sport at least one new jersey during the 2015–16 season. And according to the folks at Icethetics, a blog that tracks the aesthetics of hockey sweaters and their logos, it could look like this one.

If it does, we’re talking about a crime against hockey fashion. This is seriously ugly.

Of course, it’s too early to get up in arms just yet. The image is not an official release by the team. It is an artist’s rendering created by the site’s own Chris Smith based on leaked information. So it could be end up being 100% accurate or there could be significant changes ahead.

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But we do know this much: Colorado was planning on a new sweater to be worn for the 2016 Stadium Series Game at Coors Field where the Avs will host the Red Wings. Typically, the jerseys designed for outdoor games rely on vintage influences and the logo for this one certainly recalls the one worn by the old Colorado Rockies, the NHL club that played in Denver from 1976 to ’82 before relocating to New Jersey and becoming the Devils. And those hideous white shoulders are similar to what we’ve seen in other recent outdoor sweaters. So it’s entirely possible that it’s legit.

Of course, that logo/jersey was much more colorful than this muted design. So it’s possible that there’s more to this than even Icethetics is aware of.

These guys have a track record for getting this sort of thing right, but here's hoping there’s something more to this design. If not, it will join a long list of outdoor sweater disasters.



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