Wayne Gretzky making foray into fashion with own clothing line

Wayne Gretzky will debut his "No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Collection" line of clothing at a fashion show in Toronto.
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For 20 years, kids across Canada dreamed of playing like Wayne Gretzky.

Now that they’re all grown up, we’ll see if they want to dress like him.

Gretzky will take the first step toward becoming The Great One of Fashion on Thursday night with the release of the No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Collection. The casual clothing line, created in a partnership with Sears Canada, makes its debut at Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Gretzky says the line will be affordable and reflect his own personal style.

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“I think I’m not as flashy as some other professional athletes might be,” he told the Canadian Press. “I’m more of a basic person as far as blacks and blues and browns sort of go.”

In other words, you might not stand out in a crowd but you’ll “look sharp ... yet comfortable.”

Gretzky isn’t the first hockey star to dabble in fashion. Sean Avery, who spent a summer interning at Vogue magazine, worked up a beachwear line with his supermodel girlfriend just this past summer. Henrik Lundqvist provided creative input to a Swedish firm that designs socks and underwear. And Pavel Datsyuk created casual hockey-themed gear.

Next up, perhaps: a line of fashionable diving gear from Ryan Kesler. (We kid, Ryan! We kid!)