Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Matt Hendricks is helping the Edmonton Oilers with his go-to shootout move, "The Paralyzer."

By Dan Marrazza
January 02, 2016

In Major League 2, Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn named his pitches: The Intimidator, The Eliminator and The Terminator.

It didn’t go well.

Edmonton Oilers forward Matt Hendricks has had much better luck since naming his go-to shootout move, "The Paralyzer."

The Paralyzer’s latest victim was Arizona Coyotes goalie Louis Domingue. Hendricks beat him on Saturday to help secure a 4-3 win for the Oilers.

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Despite mostly being a fourth-liner throughout his career, Hendricks has always been lethal on the shootout. He is now 2 for 3 this season and has 11 shootout goals in 24 career attempts (46%), despite only having 42 regular goals in 442 career NHL games.

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