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Ben, Jenny Scrivens put game-worn pads up for auction

The only set of goalie gear to have seen time in both NHL and NWHL game action is up for sale, with Ben and Jenny Scrivens donating the proceeds to the NWHL foundation to grow women’s hockey.

Ebay is a pretty great place, especially if you’re looking to own a piece of hockey history, and even moreso if you want one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

In this particular auction, up for sale is a pair of goalie pads worn by current Montreal Canadiens goalie Ben Scrivens from the 2014-15 season spent with the Edmonton Oilers. The gear was then passed on to his wife Jenny, who wore it during the NWHL preseason with the New York Riveters, making it the only set to have seen time in both leagues.

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The pads have “The Professor” stitched into the  side of them, a nod to Ben’s nickname and his Ivy League days at Cornell, where he and Jenny met as the netminders for the school’s Division I teams. They also feature plenty of custom features to keep the nerdiest of goalie lovers geeking out.

The happy couple managed to share the pads despite a five-inch height disparity between them (Ben is 6‘2”, Jenny clocks in a 5’9”), and even cooler is that they’re planning to share 100% of the proceeds from the sale to the NWHL Foundation to help grow women’s hockey. This is no surprise given Ben’s history of philanthropic work and Jenny’s job in the NWHL’s public relations office.

Place your bids quickly, the auction ends Friday, March 25th at 7:15pm ET.

-- Cait Platt