He put the dead fish in his underwear. 

By Dan Gartland
May 30, 2017

The Predators fan who hurled a catfish corpse onto the ice at Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday went through a lot of trouble to do it, and now he’s been charged with three crimes.

Jacob Waddell was hit with charges for disorderly conduct, possessing an instrument of crime and disrupting a meeting after he tossed the mangled fish down on the ice during the second period. 

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Not only did Waddell confess to police that he chucked the fish, he also told them exactly how he did it. 

Pittsburgh’s most popular fishmonger is refusing to sell catfish to Tennessee residents, so Waddell got the fish back home. He vacuum-sealed it for his trip to Pittsburgh, then slipped the fish inside a pair of compression shorts. (He didn’t say whether he stored the fish in the front or back of his shorts.) When he got inside the arena, Waddell ducked into the bathroom, removed the fish and wrapped it in the free T-shirt and towel he got at the gate. He then waited for the perfect moment, which turned out to be when the Preds were trailing 3–0. 

The three counts are misdemeanors and Waddell doesn’t seem too concerned. 

Will there be any copycats at Game 2 on Wednesday?

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