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Connor McDavid explains awkward airport photo with fans

Connor McDavid explains the awkward airport photo of him with two fans that went viral.

Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid went viral in May after a very awkward photo was snapped of him with two fans in an airport. There was some awkward hand grabbing and a heartfelt arm wrap from the smiling fans, who meant to no harm.

On Tuesday, McDavid explained how the photo came to be in a podcast with Puck Soup.

"I was walking into the security line and I had actually walked past them. And then they say ‘hey Connor can we get a picture?’ and I say ‘sure’ and sure enough they come up to me and start hugging me.

Both of them. Both of them were hugging me.

And sure enough there was someone who had their phone ready to take a picture. They had already turned around and were ready for the picture and took the picture before I had even realized what was going on. The whole thing lasted seven seconds and then I was out of there.”

McDavid will be on the cover of the upcoming NHL video game by EA Sports. We all wish that the airport photo would the one that graces the front of the video game.

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