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Charlie McAvoy Lost a Bet, So He Had to Pick Up David Backes’s Dog’s Poop

Bruins rookie Charlie McAvoy lost a bet to David Backes, so he had to pick up Backes's dog's poop.

Charlie McAvoy and David Backes are now teammates on the Boston Bruins, but their rooting interests conflicted this past weekend. That's because McAvoy went to Boston University and Backes went to Minnesota State, and the two programs squared off for a two-game series. 

Naturally, the two players engaged in an amicable wager—Backes offered to pay for the rook's dinner on the road if BU won both games, while McAvoy agreed to come to Backes house and pick up his dog's poop if Minnesota State swept. It seemed like a pretty good proposition for McAvoy, as BU came into the series ranked second in the country while Minnesota State was unranked. 

Well tough luck, Rook, because the Minnesota State Mavericks went into Boston and pounded the Terriers, winning the first game 6-3 and the second 3-0.

A bet is a bet, so McAvoy had to make the house call with a scooper in hand. 

No word on whether Backes gave his dog laxatives the night before to increase McAvoy's workload.