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Connor McDavid, Who is Canadian, Dressed Up as Donald Trump for Halloween

Connor McDavid, who is Canadian, dressed up as Donald Trump for Halloween. 

Connor McDavid's choice for a Halloween costume is sure to ruffle some feathers, as the young Oilers star, who is Candian, dressed as U.S. President Donald Trump.

McDavid's girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, posted a picture to Instagram on Monday of the pair in garb—McDavid as Trump, and Kyle as first lady Melania Trump. McDavid, 20, wore a blonde wig, a black suit with a white shirt and red tie, and had an American flag pin attached to his lapel. Kyle wore a white dress. The caption reads "Making America great again."

McDavid himself has not posted on Instagram since Oct. 20.

McDavid likely didn't mean to make any political statement with the costume—but invoking Trump in any context is going to draw strong reactions on both sides.