The Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid is fast, but has been wearing the wrong skate size?

By Charlotte Carroll
November 29, 2017

The Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid is fast, but has been wearing the wrong skate size?

The captain went skating with his brother Cam and a friend​ at the Boston Common Frog Pond while the team was in town for a Bruins matchup. While getting skates, a well-intentioned rink worker told him he was asking for the wrong size.

"The lady was trying to give me some advice on what size I should go with," McDavid told "I went with it. I wasn't going to argue with her."


He won the fastest skater competition at last season's NHL's All-Star game with a time of 13.02, but could the new size have helped him go even faster?

"The skates were a little big, but they did the trick," he said.

Looks like he won't be going faster anytime soon — at least not because of his skate size. 



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