Looks like Rob Gronkowski has a new friend in the backup goalie for the New York Rangers.

By Charlotte Carroll
February 10, 2018

Looks like Rob Gronkowski has a new friend in the emergency backup goalie for the New York Rangers. 

The patriots tight end has a not so hidden love for the number 69.

He once purposely missed a free throw in high school to keep his team's score at 69. He struggled to stop himself from laughing after catching his 69th touchdown pass. He even put 69 on the back of his jersey in masking tape. He even had 69 family members come watch him play in this year's Super Bowl. 

Well the Rangers got in on the fun by giving their backup goalie a nice new jersey — it has the number 69 and the name "McBackup."

There's also seems to be plenty of beer in the fridge, so it's safe to say, this guy is not bored. 

No word yet on if the nickname appears on his drivers license.

The guy may never play, and it's probably best this jersey never sees the ice. 

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