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Sidney Crosby Autographs Stick for Rangers Fan Who Relentlessly Heckled Him

Sid got the last laugh in more ways than one.

Sidney Crosby got the last laugh at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, in more ways than one. Sid assisted on Jake Guentzel’s second-period goal and netted on himself late in the third that pushed the Penguins’ lead over the Rangers to 7–2. 

A game like that makes it easy for any barbs thrown at you from opposing fans to roll right off your back, which is why Crosby autographed a stick for one New York fan who had been giving him a hard time. 

“Good chirps,” Crosby wrote. “Take it easy on me next time!”

The fan, Nick Lipeika, spoke with ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski and shared a few of the choice lines that earned Crosby’s begrudging respect. Saying teammate Evgeni Malkin “would have more Cups if he had a better supporting cast” is probably the best one. 

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Before you think about heckling an athlete in hopes of scoring some free memorabilia like Lipeika did, remember that players are rarely as cool about it as Crosby was. Just ask the guy who got up close and personal with Blake Griffin last month.