Jack Hughes's future home has become a little bit clearer.

The NHL held its annual draft lottery on Tuesday, the eve of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the New Jersey Devils—who had 11.5% odds heading into the lottery—landed the first pick for the 2019 NHL draft. The New York Rangers got the second pick, while the Chicago Blackhawks scored the third. The Avalanche (with a claim to Ottawa's first-round pick this year) had the top odds for the first pick but slipped to fourth.

The draft will be held on June 21–22 in Vancouver, where Hughes is expected to go as the first-overall pick.

Check out the full lottery results below. 

2019 NHL Draft Order
1. New Jersey Devils
2. New York Rangers
3. Chicago Blackhawks
4. Colorado Avalanche (from OTT)
5. L.A. Kings
6. Detroit Red Wings
7. Buffalo Sabres
8. Edmonton Oilers
9. Anaheim Ducks
10. Vancouver Canucks
11. Philadelphia Flyers
12. Minnesota Wild
13. Florida Panthers
14. Arizona Coyotes
15. Montreal Canadiens