Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Survivor Beginning to Walk After Stimulation Implant


Ryan Straschnitzki, a Humboldt Broncos player paralyzed in the team's 2018 bus crash, is taking his first assisted steps following a medical procedure that embedded an epidural stimulation implant in his spine.

According to the BBC, he was told after the crash he had no chance of ever walking or getting "anything back." On Wednesday, however, Straschnitzki’s father posted video of the 20-year-old beginning to walk.

Straschnitzki reportedly traveled to Thailand for the surgery and to get the implant.

“Bout time he got off his a--,” his dad said in a tweet. “1st time since he boarded the bus that horrendous day. 2nd day of doing this. Therapist helping with knees and ankles so they dont buckle. Ryan did so good, I sent him to the beerstore for me.”

The implant is an experimental device and isn’t licensed for use for the spinal cord injury in Canada. It involves implanting a small device that sends electrical currents to one’s spinal cord to try and stimulate nerves and move limbs.

Straschnitzki was among the 13 survivors from the April 6, 2018 crash that killed 16 people. The Broncos were traveling to a playoff game to face the Nipawin Hawks.