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NHL Ref Trolled Blues Crowd During Review Announcement and Fans Loved It

Sports officials don’t usually get a chance to show their personality, but every once in a while they find a moment to have some fun at the expense of players, or even fans. That happened in the NHL on Thursday night, when referee Garrett Rank trolled the St. Louis Blues crowd during a game.

Rank was reviewing a Blues goal that was called back due to a high stick, and the replay confirmed that the goal should not be allowed. When announcing it to the crowd, Rank took the opportunity to troll the fans a bit.

“You're not gonna like it but the call on the ice was correct, no goal,” Ranks said.

It helped that the Blues were up four over the New York Islanders and in control of the game, meaning the fans at the game were pleased anyway. However, while the Blues fans in attendance may not have appreciated Rank’s creativity, NHL fans watching the game enjoyed Rank’s decision.

Fans always enjoy when referees show their personality during a game, and Garrett Rank proved that again with his call.