Vladislav Namestnikov Broke Ross Colton's Ankles With a Spin Move and It Was Hilarious

Apr 21, 2024; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Winnipeg Jets center Vladislav Namestnikov (7) celebrates his
Apr 21, 2024; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Winnipeg Jets center Vladislav Namestnikov (7) celebrates his / James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche beat the Winnipeg Jets, 5-2, on Tuesday night to tie their first round series at one game apiece. Colorado took control of the game with a huge four-goal second period, with Artturi Lehkonen scoring one goal and assisting on another. Meanwhile, goalie Alexander Georgiev stopped 28 of 30 shots in the victory. And yet the highlight we have for you today features neither of those players or involves traditional hockey violence.

No, what Vladislav Namestnikov did to Ross Colton is much worse. Colton's body was not harmed, but his ego was damaged beyond repair. Watch in awe as Namestnikov breaks Colton's ankles and makes him touch ice.

if you could bottle the sound the crowd made as Colton hit the ice and slid into the boards, you'd be a billionaire. It was like if you put 15,000 people into a college dining hall on a Friday afternoon and everyone was watching as someone dropped a tray full of food.

If you did that to someone on a basketball court they'd have to end the game. People would be running around screaming with delight. Namestnikov snatched Colton's soul with that move and everyone would want to tell him about it. The fact that this happened in the open ice during the Stanley Cup Playoff should not have changed that. The game should have been paused so people could run around pointing at Colton because honestly this is one of the funniest things to ever happen on the long journey to Lord Stanley's Cup and it deserved to be celebrated.

Stephen Douglas


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