By amuir29
July 09, 2013

Tyler Seguin meets the media in Dallas after his Twitter incident.Tyler Seguin met the Dallas media and apologized for something he says he didn't do. (Mike Fuentes/AP)

By Allan Muir

No surprise that Tyler Seguin's Twitter problems were front and center when the young forward was introduced to the Dallas media at a press conference this morning.

Equally expected: He's sticking to his story that nefarious outsiders are behind a cowardly character assassination attempt.

"I don't believe it was one of my friends [that hacked] it," Seguin said. "I do think someone got ahold of it. I'm not sure how. Both times when it happened my phone was in my pocket.

"It was very unfortunate ... my Twitter was, in fact, taken over along with a few other things that are with my name. It definitely didn't feel good that my name was out there saying negative things. But I definitely want to apologize to anyone that was hurt by what I said."

Not sure what he means by "both times," unless he's now saying his earlier "no homo" tweet also was the work of unknown persons hellbent on trashing his reputation. Or why he has to apologize for what he said if he wasn't the one who said it.

MUIR: Stars concerned by Seguin's Twitter incident

Either way, those malicious cretins will have to find some other means to pursue their harassment of Seguin now.

"[Dallas Stars president]Jim [Lites] and I talked about it and we thought it was the right decision to shut down my Twitter," Seguin said.

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