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The full schedule of events for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for track and field has been released.

By Chris Chavez
November 30, 2015

The schedule of events for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for track and field has been released by U.S.A. Track and Field. The trials will be held at the University of Oregon's Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore., from July 1 to July 10.

Eugene previously hosted the 1972, 1976, 1980, 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials. The Olympians selected at the trials will go on to represent the United States at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Several changes have been made from the previous Olympic selection in 2012.

The men's shot put, which features world championship gold medalist Joe Kovacs, will hold its final on July 1 at 5:40 p.m. local time, meaning it will be the first event to select Olympians. The top three finishers will advance to Rio. 

The men's 10,000-meter run will have the next three Olympians at 6:15 p.m on the first day of competition. The women's 10,000-meter run will be contested the following morning at 11 a.m. In 2012, both races were run at the end of the first day.

The men's and women's 100-meter final is scheduled for July 3.

Hammer throw competition took place at the Beaverton Nike World Headquarters on the day before action began at Hayward Field in 2012. In 2016, hammer throw action will be the only event on Day 6, which follows the rest day for all track events.

Ashton Eaton set a world record in the men's decathlon at the 2012 Olympic Trials. The 10 events will be contested on July 2 and 3. The women's heptathlon is scheduled for July 9 and 10.

Several finals will take place on the last day of competition, when Olympians will be chosen for the women's pole vault, men's high jump, men's and women's 1,500-meter run, women's heptathlon, women's 5,000-meter run, men's 400-meter hurdles and women's 200-meter final.

Allyson Felix, who won gold in the 200-meters in London, may look to add the 400-meter dash and double in Rio. She could compete in the three rounds of the 400-meter dash over the first three days and then rest until Day 8. The final three days of competition would focus on the 200-meter run with the final scheduled as the last event of the trials.

The full schedule of events is below:

Finals have been bolded. All times are Pacific Time.

Day 1: Friday - July 1, 2016

11 a.m. Shot put Men Qualifying
4 p.m. Discus throw Women Qualifying
4:15 p.m. 800-meter run Men First round
4:15 p.m. High jump Women Qualifying
4:45 p.m. 800-meter run Women First round
5:10 p.m. Long jump Women Qualifying
5:15 p.m. 400-meter dash Men First round
5:40 p.m. Shot put Men Final
5:45 p.m. 400-meter dash Women First round
6:15 p.m. 10,000-meter run Men Final

Day 2: Saturday - July 2, 2016

9:45 a.m. 100-meter dash Men Decathlon
10:35 a.m. Long jump Men Decathlon
10:30 a.m. Pole vault Men Qualifying
10:45 a.m. Discus throw Women Final
11:04 a.m. 10,000-meter run Women Final
11:35 a.m. Shot put Men Decathlon
11:45 a.m. Long jump Women Final
Noon 800-meter Men Semi-finals
12:33 p.m. 100-meter Women First round
12:45 p.m. Javelin throw Men Qualifying
12:50 p.m. High jump Men Qualifying
1:01 p.m. 100-meter dash Men First round
1:30 p.m. 400-meter dash Women Semi-finals
1:45 p.m. Long jump Men Qualifying
1:46 p.m. 400-meter dash Men Qualifying
2:55 p.m. 400-meter dash Men Decathlon

Day 3: Sunday, July 3, 2016

10 a.m. 110-meter hurdles Men Decathlon
10:50 a.m. Discus throw Men Decathlon
1:15 p.m. Pole vault Men Decathlon
3 p.m. Javelin Men Decathlon
3:15 p.m. High jump Women Final
4 p.m. Javelin Men Decathlon
4:02 p.m. 100-meter dash Women Semi-finals
4:15 p.m. Long jump Men Finals
4:19 p.m. 100-meter dash Men Semi-finals
4:38 p.m. 400-meter dash Women Final
4:48 p.m. 400-meter dash Men Final
5:33 p.m. 1,500-meter Men Decathlon
5:44 p.m. 100-meter dash Women Final
5:53 p.m. 100-meter dash Men Final

Day 4: Monday - July 4, 2016

3:30 p.m. Pole vault Men Final
4:03 p.m. 3,000-meter steeplechase Women First round
4:15 p.m. Triple jump Women Qualifying
4:25 p.m. Javelin throw Men Final
4:33 p.m. 3,000-meter steeplechase Men First round
5:02 p.m. 5,000-meter run Men First round
5:42 p.m. 800-meter run Women Final
5:51 p,m. 800-meter run Men Final

Day 5: Tuesday July 5, 2016

Rest Day

Day 6: Wednesday, July 6, 2016

10 a.m. Hammer throw Men Qualifying
12:30 p,m. Hammer throw Women Qualifying
5:30 p.m. Hammer throw Men Final
7:25 p,m. Hammer throw Women Final

Day 7: Thursday - July 7, 2016

11 a.m. Shot put Women Qualifying
3:30 p.m. Javelin throw Women Qualifying
4:20 p.m. 5,000-meter run Women First round
4:45 p.m. Triple jump Men Qualifying
5:02 p.m. 100-meter hurdles Women First round
5:30 p.m. 200-meter dash Men First round
5:58 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Women First round
6 p.m. Discus throw Men Qualifying
6:15 p.m. Shot put Women Final
6:26 p.m. 1,500-meter run Women First round
6:30 p.m. Triple jump Women Final
6:53 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Men First round
7:21 p.m. 1,500-meter run Men First round
7:48 p.m. 3,000-meter steeplechase Women Final

Day 8: Friday - July 8, 2016

3 p.m. Pole vault Women Qualifying
3:02 p.m. 110-meter hurdles Men First round
3:30 p.m. 200-meter dash Women First round
3:30 p.m. Discus throw Men Final
3:58 p.m. 100-meter hurdles Women Semi-finals
4 p.m. High jump Men Qualifying
4:12 p.m. 1,500-meter run Men Semi-finals
4:31 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Women Semi-finals
4:47 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Men Semi-finals
5:03 p.m. 1,500-meter run Women Semi-finals
5:23 p.m. 3,000-meter steeplechase Men Final
5:37 p.m. 200-meter dash Men Semi-finals
5:54 p.m. 100-meter hurdles Women Final

Day 9: Saturday, July 9, 2016

12:30 p.m. 100-meter hurdles Women Heptathlon
1:30 p.m. High jump Women Heptathlon
3:30 p.m. Shot put Women Heptathlon
4 p.m. Javelin Women Final
4:15 p.m. Triple jump Men Final
4:25 p.m. 110-meter hurdles Men Semi-finals
4:40 p.m. 200-meter dash Women Heptathlon
5:03 p.m. 200-meter dash Women Semi-finals
5:20 p.m. 5,000-meter run Men Final
5:42 p.m. 200-meter dash Men Final
5:52 p.m. 110-meter hurdles Men Final

Day 10: Sunday - July 10, 2016

2 p.m. Long jump Women Heptathlon
2:30 p.m. Pole vault Women Final
3 p.m. Javelin throw Women Heptathlon
3 p.m. High jump Men Final
4:04 p.m. 1,500-meter run Women Final
4:15 p.m. 1,500-meter run Men Final
4:25 p.m. 800-meter run Women Heptathlon
4:43 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Women Final
4:52 p.m. 5,000-meter run Women Final
5:14 p.m. 400-meter hurdles Men Final
5:24 p.m. 200-meter dash Women Final

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