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Yulia Efimova: What would Lilly King say about Michael Phelps?

Yuliya Efimova responded to Lilly King’s doping criticism on Thursday.
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Russian swimmer Yuliya Efimova responded Thursday to criticism from American Lilly King regarding her history with doping.

On Sunday, King gestured toward Efimova after a race, and on Monday, she proposed that athletes caught doping should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Finally, on Thursday night, Efimova responded.

“What would she say about Michael Phelps?” the Russian said, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan.

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Efimova was referencing Phelps’s marijuana use, which earned him a three-month suspension in 2009, and his six-month ban for DUI in 2014.

“Of course I’m not for doping, and I’ve never used it on purpose,” Efimova continued. “But I know there have been very many occasions where people do it because they don’t know or because they’re stupid or naïve. There always should be another chance. When you are driving a car and break a rule, you get only a ticket. You don’t lose your license for life or get put in jail.”

Efimova initially ruled ineligible for Rio as a result of her country’s doping scandal but a last-minute appeal on Saturday cleared her to compete. 

King defeated her in the women’s 100-meter breastroke final.