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Watch: Paralyzed Olympian Jamie Nieto Walks at Wedding

Quite a moment.

In April 2016, two-time Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto was coaching high jump at USC when he suffered a freak injury that left him partially paralyzed from the neck down.

After surgery and months of rehabilitation, Nieto planned to walk down the aisle at his wedding in July, according a June article by the Los Angeles Times.

On Saturday, he made it happen.

Nieto was injured while attempting a backflip in practice and landing on his head. He underwent surgery to fuse a disk in his neck and then began updating his fans with videos of his progress on social media. Olympic teammate Lolo Jones also established a fund that raised more than $80,000 for his recovery and medical expenses.

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Doctors originally said he would regain up to 30% of his full body function after the injury.